New method

I have had my advanced device for two months now. I love it. Easy to use. Pee through device is a big plus. I use it with the weights and sometimes tug it with elastic strap just below the knee. Seeing great progress. Everything included makes restoring a breeze.

Jason Soen

Good company to deal with

Great products that work, and super fast shipping.


Impressive products

I’m just reaching out to say how impressed I am with the design and quality of this product – including the weight system!

I’ve used the TLC Tugger and the canister tape method but your product blows them out of the water in several ways. Most notably:

1. Urination without removing device (like TLC)
2. TORPEDO weight design
3. Weight safety (spring action)
4. Canister design (magnetic release, safety)

…to name a few.

I also got the Alpha Armor for repairing and protecting after sessions and am equally impressed.

Great work and thanks for providing us circumcised males with an option to comfortably and efficiently “regrow” their foreskin.




Torpedo Tugging Weights

I just wanted to express my appreciation. I just got my Torpedo Weights in the mail today and it’s already infinitely better than using a strap. Really really well thought-out idea of keeping it hanging low for sitting as well. Thank you so much for such an amazing quality product that complements pretty much any tugging device on the market.


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