Amazing Airforce

I just received my air force this morning. Fits perfect and this device is friggin amazing!! comfortable and soft And has a nice amount of weight by itself ! quality of how it’s made is outstanding. Ty so much for helping men in this situation!


Very impressed!

I got my Airforce today. I am at cI-3 and I’m amazed after wearing the Airforce for the last six hours. I think this thing will be worth every single penny!


Unbelievably comfortable

I found out about this product via their YouTube video when they came out with it. I was hesitant to buy it at first because of the price tag, but since receiving the package which (shipped very quickly) I found that it is incredibly well-made designed and comfortable. I’ve tried a very cheap device before that was uncomfortable, ineffective and cheap. The air pressure design is genius and I applaud the engineer and business person that helped create it. I can already tell that my foreskin restoration journey will take a lot less time with this device and the outcome will be a lot more satisfactory than if I had used a different device. I plan on wearing it at least eight hours during the day (with the 21 ounce weight and throughout the night. With this aggressive approach I’m sure I will get my desired results faster and once I do see results, I’ll update this review with photos.


Airforce Restoration Device and Alpha Armor

I am very happy with the Airforce restoration device. I can wear it for quite a while before it becomes uncomfortable. I have read that it can take a bit for it to “break in”. I’m still working out how to combine use of the device with a ball stretcher. I don’t know that I can reasonably do that and walk anywhere, but we’ll see. I’m still just getting used to the weights. I’ve purchased some athletic leggings that restrict the swinging of the weights. Despite some of this taking some getting used to (previously all of my restoration has been with dual-tension, or air, device combined with a leg strap), I’m very happy with the device and look forward to seeing the progress it brings about. Good work! By the way, the alpha armor is fantastic. I love the beeswax smell, and I can tell just by a few days’ use that it is packed full of good stuff.


Great product

Excellent craftsmanship! Love the simplicity of the novice super canister. 8 years tugging.


Airforce – best foreskin restorer ever!

I watched the launch video on December 7th, 2022, and decided I would order it as soon as it was available. I have been using it for two months now and I am more impressed with it now than when I received it. I have made more progress in the last two months with this device than I have with all the other devices I have used.
I have read other posts saying it is uncomfortable to wear and is too expensive. To those I will say, it is important to read the instructions before using. I will stress, don’t be too aggressive at first by over-inflating. It is also very important to follow the instructions about the relief channel which says “Do not allow the skin to travel beyond the relief channel to prevent pinching”. I made this mistake at first and paying attention to how much skin was in the relief channel has made all the difference. I can now wear it for hours without ANY discomfort.
As for being too expensive, in my first review, I said I hesitated to pay so much for a restoration device. I will now say it is 100% worth every penny. If you want to see real results in the shortest amount of time, THIS IS THE DEVICE FOR YOU!
I have recently started using a ball stretcher a few hours a day. I would highly recommend it to receive even faster results.
If you ever have any questions or concerns the customer service Anthony provides is second to none. Feel free to reach out to him before or after purchasing, he will help to get the maximum result with your AIRFORCE device.



Airforce Best choice I have made yet!

I will first start out and say this device is well worth the money. The weight and quality of grippers certainly let you know it was designed well and wasn’t cheaply made.

To start out this is my first air device… This device is very comfortable and shows progress pretty fast. Using the manual stretching and a retainer helped a bit, but using this with a retainer has helped a lot. The retainer goes on very easy and stays throughout the night. So I will say this device works well.

Now a piece of advice I would give us make sure you read the instructions. I know when you put this on you will want to blow it up as hard as you can, DON’T! I found out a couple puffs of air and wait. Then add a couple more puffs after your skin gets used to it. My first day I only used 4 puffs and wore it for 7 hours straight while going about my normal day. Second day put it on, felt a little weird. I putt two puffs of air in and pulled on the device to allow the skin to slide a bit in the grippers added four more puffs and it felt good for eight hours. I find today I am still and 6 puffs and comfortable.

Don’t let others tell you it is uncomfortable or not worth the money. This device is worth every penny! Thanks Anthony for taking the time to build such an awesome device. ADI will always get my business.


Airforce – The best device to own!

This is a well made device. The weight and construction quality of the gripper is top notch! You can tell while wearing it that a lot of time went into design and construction. Very comfortable and easy to conceal.

Upon getting this item you are egar to put it in and immediately pump it to max, DON’T! Please read the instructions. I found that the first time I put it on I added a two puffs and let my skin get used to it. After about 10 minutes I added two more puffs and was able to wear it 6 hours straight no problem. Second day started out with my normal two puffs and it felt odd. I gave the device a nice tug and it sat a lot better. Then proceeded to add four more puffs and made it 8 hours.

This this shows tons of progress really fast. I was capable of putting my retainer on 10 times easier then before and found and stays on very well at night after using this device all day. With easement to wear… This device conceals well and holds on very well. Zero slipping going about my normal day.

Just my two cents to all that read this and may have doubt…. Don’t let others tell you it is uncomfortable, they clearly didn’t take their time with the device. Don’t let them tell you it is too expensive… This device does not leak and has no issues with slipping! In my opinion this is the crown to all the other devices out there.

Thanks Anthony for an amazing product and know I certainly can tell time and money went I to making such an amazing product!!


Airforce Foreskin restorer review

Great product! Yes, it is expensive and I really hesitated to pay so much for a restoration device, but after watching the Airforce video, I decided to give it a try.
I can say after using many devices it is very well made, easy to use, and very comfortable to wear. It gripes your foreskin extremely well with little to no slipping, even when inflated at moderate to high tension when you want to be more aggressive. Having said that, it is easy to overdo it with this device. So, my advice would be to take it easy at first to find the tension that works best for you.
When I first put it on, I was concerned that it would be very noticeable under clothing. To my surprise, however, it has not been a problem because it hangs straight down due to its weight, being made from stainless steel. The inner and outer grip is made from soft and pliable silicone.
As advertised, I have experienced zero air loss. Ever!
The turnaround time on filling orders is fantastic. I ordered it on a Friday and received it three days later. On many other devices, I have waited for weeks and for months on one device.
I would definitely recommend it and can say it is the best foreskin restoration device I have used.


The Best System

I have used the Supercanister about 7 days over 2 weeks and have a testimonial and review. In summary, this is the best device out there and I regret that I did not find it much sooner.

I first learned of restoration on the Internet in 1993 when I was 51, from an organization called BUFF (Brothers United for Foreskins) and began taping sporadically, first tape crosses, then tape rings. Around 2004 I learned of tugging and began using the strapped Tug Ahoy sporadically for a few years until its maker died in 2008. Then I switched to the strapped TLC Tugger and used it sporadically, reaching around C-6 by 2013 and then losing interest. A few years ago, prostate cancer and treatment further diminished the erections and interest.

Now at age 80 I resumed tugging with the TLC and was reminded of its shortcomings. The strap winding up from the sock needed long pants, and the two cones did not grip evenly over their wide area but ended up pinching a ring of skin. When seated the pressure of the pants on the cone tended to wiggle it and let the skin work out. So, the skin needed adjustment in the cone every couple of hours for either pain or slippage, plus removal for peeing.

Somehow, somewhere on the Internet I happened to see Advanced’s Supercanister. The website was so good that I ordered a kit that came with a card about Intaction, Inc. I had hit the motherlode of restoration, as Intaction’s founder also invented the Supercanister.

After at least 7 days of use, I have some comments:
1 The glue may be necessary for beginners, to hold their skin on the cone as the tape is applied. But at C-7 flaccid, my skin reaches down the cone and stays there while taping. Also, because of a flared corona, my skin has never been able to just roll over any cone but must be pulled over. But skin does not just pull over the glue and gets stuck all wrong, so I had to remove the glue. The tape alone works just fine. I am using weights 10 + 2.5 for 10 hours with no sign of slippage. Eliminating the glue greatly simplifies using the device, and in fact glue would be a deal breaker for me.
2 The tape’s backing has a wavy mark, which is where it has been pre-cut for peeling off. Do not remove all the backing at once or the tape will stick to itself and be unusable.
The instruction says to use 12 inches (3 sections) of tape, which would be about three wraps. But 8 inches (2 sections) giving two wraps is easier to apply and remove, and I think a third wrap is a waste. I only put about 1/3” of the tape on the skin, to leave as much skin as possible for stretching.

The ADI Supercanister is a super system, perfectly designed and crafted. For the first time, I I have a tugger that can be worn all day and will get me to C-10 coverage.


Really works!!

I have been restoring for about two years on and off. I have seen real progress with this device and intend to restore all the way. Thank you Advanced Devices for selling such a top-notch device. Next, I will be looking into a foreskin retainer to dekaternize and further my restoration.



I’ve been restoring for over three years. Today I just received the SuperCanister in the mail and am very satisfied. Unlike the competitor brand Stealth Retainer, the SuperCanister and weights stay on for a very long time with no slips. With the Stealth Retainer Brand, I end up having to use two grippers on top of each other for the device to stay on with weights. After an hour or two that can become uncomfortable due to tightness. The Stealth Retainer is also difficult to wear while seated and not very discreet. The SuperCanister is the complete opposite. You can wear the SuperCanister while seated and it is extremely discreet under a pair of slightly baggy jeans. I feel comfortable wearing the SuperCanister out in public unlike the Stealth Retainer. Also the price of the SuperCanister is cheaper than the Stainless Steel Stealth Retainer with weights. To minimize any slight swinging of the weights which could potentially become noticeable, I have practiced loosely tying the lowest hanging weight with a string around the calf of my leg. Other devices I have used include the HyperRestore DA Inflation. The HyperRestore DA is a good device; however, inflation is used to stretch the inner foreskin not the outer skin. I have also used the CAT II device, which I absolutely hate! I ordered a Foreskinned Air back in May and I am still waiting for it in July. The seller says it takes long to arrive because it ships from Switzerland. The SuperCanister arrived in a few days after ordering online. Also, I was somewhat concerned about the tape irritating my skin. In the past, I have used regular tape on the reverse side and a medical type tape on my foreskin and felt “EXTREMELY” unpleasant sensations after roughly half an hour wearing. The Mefix Restoration Tape sold with the SuperCanister is a great tape and causes no irritation. I am Very Satisfied! Thank You!


Doesn’t come off

Thank you for making a product that doesn’t have malfunctions. Other devices I’ve used come off when I’m at work or other times that could have been embarrassing. Also, I love that I don’t have to remove to go to the bathroom. I almost don’t realize I’m wearing it. I’ve never had a problem with the SuperCanister Foreskin Restoration Kit I bought from you. I can be out in public with confidence and the weights are perfectly sized and weighted for what ever combination I want to use, all or none. I can now hopeful finish the job I started years ago. I started at a CI-3, now starting at CI-6 going for CI-10 with the SuperCanister. Thank you Thank you Thank you for making a product to give me my foreskin back that was wrongly taken from me !



Years ago I read an article in Mens Health magazine about an increasing number of parents electing to leave their infant sons intact. Likely this was due to the harmful effects of circumcision becoming more widely known. For further reading it suggested “The Joy of Uncircumcising”.

What I read blew me away. Why different groups adopted circumcision throughout history were wildly different, all absurd in my view ranging from religious dogma to believing it would stop masturbation among adolescents. Further, the history of restoration was covered which also goes back thousands of years.

I began restoration in my mid-forties using a tape and tension system. I was radically circumcised and my shaft skin was taunt as a piano wire. By comparison with todays devices it was primitive but ultimately effective. Two years later I had full coverage when flaccid. The picture below is me today.

I have now begun using the ADI system to finish the restoration. I did my homework and decided theirs was the best design. I wasn’t disappointed. The design has been carefully thought-out and the quality is extraordinary. Using their measuring system I am today a CI-8 or 9. My objective: get full coverage when erect plus some, a CI-10.

Three weeks into the ADI system I strongly endorse them without hesitation. I wear all three weights and the system is essentially undetectable even with close-fitting jeans. Most of the time I’m unaware it’s even there. These people really know what they’re doing.

Any man considering restoration should know this: Evolution created every body part with a functional purpose. The foreskin is no exception. The glans is not skin but a highly sensitive membrane. It needs protection until ready for use. Being exposed eventually reduces this sensitivity, some men more than others. If you ask a circumcised man if he misses that sensitivity of course he will say NO. That is because he has no idea what it’s like to be intact, and no man wants to admit that the epicenter of his manhood has been compromised anyway.

I can tell you restoration is the best thing of a physical nature I’ve ever done. It looks better, functions better and feels better. Do I have extreme opinions about this? You bet I do and I deserve to have them. Cutting off your foreskin is no less tragic than loosing a hand or ear. At the very least you will get back a convincing facsimile of what was cut away and even a doctor will not be able to tell unless he looks for a scar.

If you are angered about loosing a body part, you can do something about it. ADI can help you get there.

Jack Foster
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Jack (Ramon)

New method

I have had my advanced device for two months now. I love it. Easy to use. Pee through device is a big plus. I use it with the weights and sometimes tug it with elastic strap just below the knee. Seeing great progress. Everything included makes restoring a breeze.

Jason Soen

Good company to deal with

Great products that work, and super fast shipping.


Impressive products

I’m just reaching out to say how impressed I am with the design and quality of this product – including the weight system!

I’ve used the TLC Tugger and the canister tape method but your product blows them out of the water in several ways. Most notably:

1. Urination without removing device (like TLC)
2. TORPEDO weight design
3. Weight safety (spring action)
4. Canister design (magnetic release, safety)

…to name a few.

I also got the Alpha Armor for repairing and protecting after sessions and am equally impressed.

Great work and thanks for providing us circumcised males with an option to comfortably and efficiently “regrow” their foreskin.




Torpedo Tugging Weights

I just wanted to express my appreciation. I just got my Torpedo Weights in the mail today and it’s already infinitely better than using a strap. Really really well thought-out idea of keeping it hanging low for sitting as well. Thank you so much for such an amazing quality product that complements pretty much any tugging device on the market.


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