Device Slipping2022-06-06T17:29:37+00:00

Your Supercanister should not slip if applied properly.

To avoid having the device slip off and have proper device retainage following these pointers:

  1. Use a length of 12″ of MEFIX 2″ wide tape
  2. Use Adhesi-Med applied on the outside of the device in a band about 3/8″ wide. Don’t get adhesive on or near the rim of the device
  3. Allow one minute for Adhesi-med to become tacky
  4. Apply the 2″ tape with approximately 1″ on your skin and 1″ to the device’s plastic surface.
  5. Wrap tape around using moderate force.

If you do not follow these steps the device may slip, or you may have leakage during urination.

How Much Time For Restoration?2022-01-30T14:38:54+00:00

The amount of time it takes to regrow your foreskin varies by individual. Some of the factors that will impact your restoration include;

  • How tight were you circumcised? Guys that have had a lot of skin removed will take more time to restore.
  • How big is your penis? A larger penis will need more skin to regrow, especially when erect.
  • How diligent is the restorer to staying on a restoration schedule?
  • How much foreskin does a guy want? Does he just want more sliding skin, flaccid coverage, or full erect coverage?
  • A person’s genetics and age, some people grow skin faster than others. Youth helps.
  • With these factors in mind, the typical person will gain significant an amount of sliding skin in the first year. Flaccid coverage can take three years, and full erect coverage can take as much as six years. Most guys will start to see significant benefits in the first year of restoration, including more comfortable erections and obtaining loose sliding skin.
Shipping Information – Costs2022-01-30T14:37:56+00:00

We ship primarily by USPS First Class and Priority Mail. Shipping costs are actual costs, we do not markup shipping.

We can ship by UPS or FEDEX upon request, however these services may be significantly higher. Please contact us for further information.

Postage is calculated by weight. Postage costs are displayed in the cart and can be viewed before order submission. If you want to know what the shipping charges are, just use the cart to calculate them.

We ship worldwide; however, we reserve the right not to ship to a particular county if we feel the package will not clear customs. In that case the order will be cancelled, and payment refunded.

We apologize to our restoring brothers for the high cost of international postage; however, this is beyond our control. Our mission is to get our restoring gear in your hands for the lowest cost possible.

Typical international postage costs vary from $13USD ~ $45 USD

We fill out customs forms without reference to foreskin restoration for your privacy, and try to minimize VAT/Customs duties.

Why ADI?2022-01-30T15:25:07+00:00

Unparalleled Technical Ability

Advanced Devices offers effective, reliable, comfortable foreskin restoration gear. Our devices are made from the highest quality materials, and we do not cut corners.  Our Supercanister devices are machined from solid bars of engineered polymer and medical grade stainless steel.  Our restoration tuggers are designed and made by ADI specifically for restoration. No flimsy 3D printed plastic parts or hardware store components.

Our devices are the product of years of design and refinement. We operate our own precision multi-discipline machine shop where prototypes and new designs are created. Our shop rivals the best equipped tool & die shops. In-house processes include turning, vertical & horizontal milling, drilling, grinding, metal sawing, EDM, heat treatment, welding, and pressing. This technical ability allows for rapid product evolution and refinement. And we don’t have to compromise on design because the part is too complex.

Reliable Gear

Our products and accessories are very durable and made for years of trouble-free use. No one wants gear failure with parts falling down your pant leg to the floor.

You Get Full Support

We are available for both pre-sales and post-sales support. We want you to be successful with your restoration. If you need help, or if you aren’t sure what to do, please contact us either in the chat box or with the contact us form. If you contact us in the chat box during non-business hours, be sure to enter your email so we can get back to you.

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