Supercanister Advanced Instructions

foreskin restoration device tugger


The Supercanister Advanced (SA) model is a foreskin restoration tugging device for men with some slack penile shaft skin. The device allows the glans (head) to partially recess inside, making it easier to attach the device. The Supercanister features a narrowing tapered cone which helps to create a narrow and conforming restored foreskin. The long barrel section provides ample room to tape a growing foreskin.

The Advanced model generally works best for men with a ADI Coverage Index of C2 or higher.

The Supercanister devices use adhesive on the inner skin and a outer wrap of tape to fully secure the device.

Due to the conical shape of this device, the SA model works best with Adhesi-Med adhesive on the inner skin.

Once attached, the device permits urination without removal. Each Supercanister is precision machined by ADI from a solid billet of food-grade polymer. The device incorporates a integral magnetic safety coupling which will detach in the event of excessive tension, preventing injury to the penis. Under normal levels of tension, the coupling will stay attached. The safety coupling’s swiveling design will also prevent the penis from being subjected to torsion or twisting.


1. Clean and wash device with soap and water. Dry off.

2. Apply one or two brush loads of Adhesi-Med around the device, creating a approximately a 1/2″ (12mm) band. Do not get adhesive on the edge or inside the cone. Allow adhesive to dry for 120 seconds.

foreskin restoration supercanister device

Device Fit

The Supercanister Advanced only supposed to only partially cover the glans. You should be able to roll your shaft skin over the corona (glans) and onto the device.

Supercanister foreskin restoration device


3. Have a 12″ long (30cm) by 2″ (5cm) wide piece of tape on hand. Peel some of backer paper to make the tape ready to apply.

4. Place tip of glans inside canister, and using your hand force the shaft skin to evenly roll over the exposed adhesive. Hold skin with a firm grip for 10 seconds until adhesive holds. The skin and device should remain attached.


5. Place the 2″ (50mm) tape for the outer wrap approximately 3/8″ to 1/2″ (10-12mm) on the skin, and the rest of the tape on the Supercanister device. This first wrap should come in contact with both skin and the barrel.

Proceed with wrapping the tape around the skin and the Supercanister.  Wrap tape with moderate tension. If you make it too tight it will become uncomfortable, too loose and the skin may slip off during tugging, or leak urine.

6. Continue to wrap all of the tape around the device. Be sure to cover over any skin folds. Before completely wrapping, fold back the end of the tape on itself to facilitate later removal. Wrap carefully and try to avoid creating creases in the skin.

Fold the edge of the tape over on itself at the end so you have a convenient pull tab for later removal.


7. Attach Torpedo weights to the device bail, and use weight sufficient to apply light to moderate pressure.. Our Torpedo weights  are very convenient.

8. To urinate, simply move the weights out of way, hold device and urinate normally. If stream is erratic, gently pull on device to align urethral opening with drain hole. Shake out remaining urine when done. Insert disposable cotton roll to absorb any remaining urine and prevent soiling of clothing.

8. If you feel discomfort, disconnect weight and take a 15 minute break. Afterwards, attempt to resume tugging with less weight.


9. To remove device, spray Citri-Med (TM) Citrus Adhesive and Tape remover onto tape. This will cause the tape to immediately release. Slowly remove tape without harming skin. Roll skin off device. Wipe skin with a baby wipe or wash with soap and water.


As your foreskin restores and lengthens, you may advance the skin higher up on the device and depress the glans with the cone when applying the device. This will provide “bi-directional” tension. Bi-direction tugging tensions both the inner and outer foreskin.

 Foreskin Restoration Suggestions

Foreskin restoration can be accomplished with comfort and convenience. While you can experiment to see which is best for you, we suggest the following:

  • Tug for 8 hours per day, 3 to 5 days per week. Take at least 2 days per week off to allow the skin to repair and grow.
  • Tug with moderate weight. You are using too much tension if you get bruises or skin tears. In this event, take several days off from tugging to allow the skin to heal. Apply Alpha Armor to promote healing. Re-start tugging after healing with lower tension levels.
  • Use quality tape. The tape we make available from our webstore has been tested to ensure its performance with our devices. Other types or brands of tape may not securely hold the device in place, or allow urine leakage.

If the weights are swinging in your pant leg and that’s an issue, we suggest you wear some inexpensive gym tights (not included) to contain the weights.


  • Do not sleep while wearing any foreskin restoration device.
  • Do not exceed 21 ounces of tugging weight.
  • If you feel any pain discontinue use immediately .
  • Consult with a medical professional before attempting foreskin restoration.
  • Wash the Supercanister inside and out with soap and water after each use.
  • Do not wear the Supercanister when operating machinery or other potentially hazardous conditions.
  • This device uses an extremely strong magnet. Do not use if you wear a pacemaker. Do not place the magnet near electronic devices or media.