If you are considering foreskin restoration and have doubts, this message is intended for you.

The penis is a sexual organ and along with it comes the baggage that we all carry through our lives. This clouds the issue. For millenniums circumcision has been justified by religious dogma, hygiene (even though it’s easier to wash your genitals than your ears), subduing sexual urges in adolescences, and don’t rock the boat – it’s been done for thousands of years so it must be ok, etc. Bad habits don’t change easily.

There are some countries that have justified circumcision because of local behavioral issues that do not exist here, but regardless it always comes with a high price. The U.S. has a circumcision rate of about 80% which today seems to lack a credible reason (if there ever was one), yet the rate of world circumcision is about 38%.

Remember the fear, guilt and shame that was pounded into you beginning as infants? “Sex is nasty unless you do it exactly the way we tell you to do it”. And, no circumcised man wants to admit his manhood has been compromised anyway, so we’re defeated even before we begin. Let’s fix that!

For the moment let’s pretend it was a finger or ear that was cut off. It is now pure and simple barbaric, and no fear, guilt or shame for you to deal with. You would jump at the chance to get these body parts back.

Now that you’ve by-passed the doubts and guilt of restoration you can see the issue more clearly.

If you need more reason, remember that every body part has an exquisite design for a specific function. Evolution insured it. You have four fingers and a separated thumb for a reason. You have two ears for a reason, etc etc, and your foreskin is no different. It protects the membrane of the head for the eye-crossing sensation it gives which insures our species will survive.

The head of your penis has been damaged. Get it back, and get on with it.