This is a well made device. The weight and construction quality of the gripper is top notch! You can tell while wearing it that a lot of time went into design and construction. Very comfortable and easy to conceal.

Upon getting this item you are egar to put it in and immediately pump it to max, DON’T! Please read the instructions. I found that the first time I put it on I added a two puffs and let my skin get used to it. After about 10 minutes I added two more puffs and was able to wear it 6 hours straight no problem. Second day started out with my normal two puffs and it felt odd. I gave the device a nice tug and it sat a lot better. Then proceeded to add four more puffs and made it 8 hours.

This this shows tons of progress really fast. I was capable of putting my retainer on 10 times easier then before and found and stays on very well at night after using this device all day. With easement to wear… This device conceals well and holds on very well. Zero slipping going about my normal day.

Just my two cents to all that read this and may have doubt…. Don’t let others tell you it is uncomfortable, they clearly didn’t take their time with the device. Don’t let them tell you it is too expensive… This device does not leak and has no issues with slipping! In my opinion this is the crown to all the other devices out there.

Thanks Anthony for an amazing product and know I certainly can tell time and money went I to making such an amazing product!!