I’ve been restoring for over three years. Today I just received the SuperCanister in the mail and am very satisfied. Unlike the competitor brand Stealth Retainer, the SuperCanister and weights stay on for a very long time with no slips. With the Stealth Retainer Brand, I end up having to use two grippers on top of each other for the device to stay on with weights. After an hour or two that can become uncomfortable due to tightness. The Stealth Retainer is also difficult to wear while seated and not very discreet. The SuperCanister is the complete opposite. You can wear the SuperCanister while seated and it is extremely discreet under a pair of slightly baggy jeans. I feel comfortable wearing the SuperCanister out in public unlike the Stealth Retainer. Also the price of the SuperCanister is cheaper than the Stainless Steel Stealth Retainer with weights. To minimize any slight swinging of the weights which could potentially become noticeable, I have practiced loosely tying the lowest hanging weight with a string around the calf of my leg. Other devices I have used include the HyperRestore DA Inflation. The HyperRestore DA is a good device; however, inflation is used to stretch the inner foreskin not the outer skin. I have also used the CAT II device, which I absolutely hate! I ordered a Foreskinned Air back in May and I am still waiting for it in July. The seller says it takes long to arrive because it ships from Switzerland. The SuperCanister arrived in a few days after ordering online. Also, I was somewhat concerned about the tape irritating my skin. In the past, I have used regular tape on the reverse side and a medical type tape on my foreskin and felt “EXTREMELY” unpleasant sensations after roughly half an hour wearing. The Mefix Restoration Tape sold with the SuperCanister is a great tape and causes no irritation. I am Very Satisfied! Thank You!