So my one week observation of the airforce… it’s the best device on the market. The first day had me wanting to sell it because it was simply too intense of a grip and stretch. I lowered the pressure down slightly and have been using the device for a few hours per day.

I’ve tried nearly every device. I settled on air as my favorite restoration method. I have the FS air and It’s overall a solid device(especially once I removed the blue bell), but struggles on high tension unless pristinely cleaned 2x/day with dish soap.

For the first time in my restoration journey I’ve had rollover after removing the Airforce. I’ve actually noticed gains in just one week of restoring. It is an extremely heavy hitting device. I don’t think it’s possible to achieve levels of tension with anything else on the market, in fact, it is too much tension for the vast majority of us, I’d presume. You can hurt yourself with this thing pretty easily, so you need to exercise caution when inflating so you aren’t pulling it off in pain 5 minutes after you put it on.

With that being said, it is expensive, but I’m OK with paying for something that makes me restore quicker. I’ve spent so much on various $100-150 devices that I think if you just hopped straight into the Airforce it wouldn’t be a bad idea.