I have used the Supercanister about 7 days over 2 weeks and have a testimonial and review. In summary, this is the best device out there and I regret that I did not find it much sooner.

I first learned of restoration on the Internet in 1993 when I was 51, from an organization called BUFF (Brothers United for Foreskins) and began taping sporadically, first tape crosses, then tape rings. Around 2004 I learned of tugging and began using the strapped Tug Ahoy sporadically for a few years until its maker died in 2008. Then I switched to the strapped TLC Tugger and used it sporadically, reaching around C-6 by 2013 and then losing interest. A few years ago, prostate cancer and treatment further diminished the erections and interest.

Now at age 80 I resumed tugging with the TLC and was reminded of its shortcomings. The strap winding up from the sock needed long pants, and the two cones did not grip evenly over their wide area but ended up pinching a ring of skin. When seated the pressure of the pants on the cone tended to wiggle it and let the skin work out. So, the skin needed adjustment in the cone every couple of hours for either pain or slippage, plus removal for peeing.

Somehow, somewhere on the Internet I happened to see Advanced’s Supercanister. The website was so good that I ordered a kit that came with a card about Intaction, Inc. I had hit the motherlode of restoration, as Intaction’s founder also invented the Supercanister.

After at least 7 days of use, I have some comments:
1 The glue may be necessary for beginners, to hold their skin on the cone as the tape is applied. But at C-7 flaccid, my skin reaches down the cone and stays there while taping. Also, because of a flared corona, my skin has never been able to just roll over any cone but must be pulled over. But skin does not just pull over the glue and gets stuck all wrong, so I had to remove the glue. The tape alone works just fine. I am using weights 10 + 2.5 for 10 hours with no sign of slippage. Eliminating the glue greatly simplifies using the device, and in fact glue would be a deal breaker for me.
2 The tape’s backing has a wavy mark, which is where it has been pre-cut for peeling off. Do not remove all the backing at once or the tape will stick to itself and be unusable.
The instruction says to use 12 inches (3 sections) of tape, which would be about three wraps. But 8 inches (2 sections) giving two wraps is easier to apply and remove, and I think a third wrap is a waste. I only put about 1/3” of the tape on the skin, to leave as much skin as possible for stretching.

The ADI Supercanister is a super system, perfectly designed and crafted. For the first time, I I have a tugger that can be worn all day and will get me to C-10 coverage.