I have posted several testimonials here about the success of restoration. I’ve achieved what ADI promised with full coverage, and a healthy overhang to allow coverage when erect.
The next step was to apply Alfa Armor. In ADI’s words, “Get that silky uncut European feel”. After only 5-weeks of application in the morning and before bed I can emphatically tell you they were not overstating. Yes the sensitivity has sharply increased, but even more, the texture of the membrane of the head (which we erroneously call skin) is like nothing I have ever felt. Silky is an understatement! For me it was not so much restoration, but an entirely new membrane. I never knew uncut men had that sensation. I do now!
Suggestion: You need enough foreskin restoration to pull over the head. Apply Alfa Armor generously and pull your new foreskin over the head. I use an elastic loop used to tie ponytails into place, to keep your foreskin from sliding back and rubbing Alfa off. Keep the product on 24-hours a day. I promise you, your eyes will cross.