Years ago I read an article in Mens Health magazine about an increasing number of parents electing to leave their infant sons intact. Likely this was due to the harmful effects of circumcision becoming more widely known. For further reading it suggested “The Joy of Uncircumcising”.

What I read blew me away. Why different groups adopted circumcision throughout history were wildly different, all absurd in my view ranging from religious dogma to believing it would stop masturbation among adolescents. Further, the history of restoration was covered which also goes back thousands of years.

I began restoration in my mid-forties using a tape and tension system. I was radically circumcised and my shaft skin was taunt as a piano wire. By comparison with todays devices it was primitive but ultimately effective. Two years later I had full coverage when flaccid. The picture below is me today.

I have now begun using the ADI system to finish the restoration. I did my homework and decided theirs was the best design. I wasn’t disappointed. The design has been carefully thought-out and the quality is extraordinary. Using their measuring system I am today a CI-8 or 9. My objective: get full coverage when erect plus some, a CI-10.

Three weeks into the ADI system I strongly endorse them without hesitation. I wear all three weights and the system is essentially undetectable even with close-fitting jeans. Most of the time I’m unaware it’s even there. These people really know what they’re doing.

Any man considering restoration should know this: Evolution created every body part with a functional purpose. The foreskin is no exception. The glans is not skin but a highly sensitive membrane. It needs protection until ready for use. Being exposed eventually reduces this sensitivity, some men more than others. If you ask a circumcised man if he misses that sensitivity of course he will say NO. That is because he has no idea what it’s like to be intact, and no man wants to admit that the epicenter of his manhood has been compromised anyway.

I can tell you restoration is the best thing of a physical nature I’ve ever done. It looks better, functions better and feels better. Do I have extreme opinions about this? You bet I do and I deserve to have them. Cutting off your foreskin is no less tragic than loosing a hand or ear. At the very least you will get back a convincing facsimile of what was cut away and even a doctor will not be able to tell unless he looks for a scar.

If you are angered about loosing a body part, you can do something about it. ADI can help you get there.

Jack Foster
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico