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Foreskin restoration is the non-surgical way for a circumcised man to replicate a functional foreskin. Foreskin restoration is a real thing and it works. Restoration continues to increase in popularity, and it is currently estimated that over 100,000 thousand men are restoring! By applying gentle tension to the shaft skin of the penis, you can stimulate the remaining skin to lengthen and grow. Doctors call it skin expansion. We call it tugging. Given enough tugging sessions and time, your skin can regrow to completely re-cover the head (glans).

What Are The Benefits of Foreskin Restoration?

Restoring your foreskin will provide loose sliding skin that increases stimulation during sex for you and your partner. Your new foreskin will cover and protect the head (glans) to keep it moist and sensitive. A covered glans will de-keratinized to become smooth and pink, just like it was supposed to be. The process can also help break down circumcision scar tissue and improve appearance. Restoration can help straighten a curved penis if the curvature was caused by uneven or excessive skin removal during circumcision. A restored foreskin also gives men a feeling of being whole again, that the parts that were cut off – without their permission – have been restored.

Why Do Guys Perform Foreskin Restoration?

They want to feel more during sex. Foreskin restoration will help them perform better in bed. They want their bodies to look natural and look better. Foreskin restoration reverses much of the damage caused by circumcision. Restoring your foreskin will improve your sex life. Just imagine your partner grabbing you and pulling back your foreskin to expose that sensitive shiny head. You know what comes next!

How Do I Get Started With Foreskin Restoration?

These days it’s so easy to get started restoring your foreskin. There are complete starter kits with all the devices and supplies you need to get that foreskin growing back. The early pioneers of restoration often had to resort homemade contraptions or hardware store items. Advanced Devices has specially designed and manufactured the most optimum devices for successful restoration. Advanced Devices has perfected the devices for the canister method of tugging, and we have everything you will need in our Novice Starter Kit. Our devices are easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and convenient to use. Your success is assured with our time tested devices and a client list of thousands of satisfied restorers.

How Long Does Foreskin Restoration Take?

The amount of time it takes to regrow your foreskin varies by individual. Some of the factors that will impact your restoration include;

  • How tight were you circumcised? Guys that have had a lot of skin removed will take more time to restore.
  • How big is your penis? A larger penis will need more skin to regrow, especially when erect.
  • How diligent is the restorer to staying on a restoration schedule.
  • How much foreskin does a guy want? Does he just want more sliding skin, flaccid coverage, or full erect coverage?
  • A person’s genetics and age, some people grow skin faster than others. Youth helps.

With these factors in mind, the typical person will gain significant a amount of sliding skin in the first year. Flaccid coverage can take three years, and full erect coverage can take as much as six years. Most guys will start to see significant benefits in the first year of restoration, including more comfortable erections, skin bunching up behind the head. They will observe their circumcision scar line start to migrate down the end of the penis. Some guys will also have circumcision scar reduction.

Phimosis and Restoration

Phimosis affects a very small percentage of intact uncircumcised guys, but some may have a concern about it. It’s a situation where the natural foreskin is too tight, or has lost it’s elasticity due to scar tissue formation. The phimotic foreskin cannot stretch to allow it to be pulled back over the head (glans). Phimosis can cause some guys penises to become irritated or uncomfortable. Others may feel embarrassed that the head of their penis won’t uncover for oral sex. Some intact guys are perfectly satisfied with their hoodie up, and they don’t mind if their foreskin doesn’t retract. That’s ok too.

Extent of Phimosis

  • Grade 0 is full retractability
  • Grade 1 is full retraction but tight behind glans
  • Grade 2 is partial exposure of glans
  • Grade 3 is partial retraction with meatus just visible
  • Grade 4 is slight retraction but neither meatus nor glans visible
  • Grade 5 is absolutely no retraction with just a opening to permit urination

Foreskin restoration techniques can help alleviate low levels of phimosis by stretching a tight foreskin. The gentle tugging process can help break down phimosis causing scar tissue, increase skin elasticity, and widen the foreskin so it becomes looser and retracts more easily. Foreskin restoration can help guys avoid a unnecessary, painful, and invasive circumcision surgery. Restoration methods can help these guys keep their valuable foreskin.

A prescription cream such as .1% betamethasone will help to relax the skin, breakdown scar tissue, and allow more elasticity. This should supplement stretching exercises. Please check with your dermatologist or urologist.

For guys with higher levels of phimosis they will need to use devices and stretching techniques specifically designed for the purpose.

Phimosis treatment will take several months to a year to see improvement.

How Do I Regain Sensitivity Faster?

Circumcised men can regain some of the sensitivity and soft skin that intact men have without traditional foreskin restoration device tugging. They can have that silky feel like European men with foreskins have. After all, the foreskin is nature’s way to protect and lubricate penile skin, but without it the skin can become dry and insensitive. If you want to feel performance gains in a few days and you can’t wait for foreskin growth to happen, we have a solution for you. Alpha Armor is a skin care product for circumcised men that actually mimics the natural foreskin secretions that are supposed to protect and lubricate men’s sensitive skin. Finally a way to reverse keritinization and dryness, regenerate new skin cells, and make your penis look and feel better. Find out about Alpha Armor here

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