Anthony’s blog

This is a simple blog to keep you updated on new releases on Airforce and other ADI restoration products.

July 30, 2023. We ran our first production run of Model B inner cores, and pleased with the results.

We have all of the other components for the Model B ready for final assembly including the inner cores, covers, and air nuts. This will allow us to immediately ship finished devices once Model B is released.

August 13, 2023. We continue to test and revise the gripper mold for the Model B. We are up to revision 2-3, (over 7 changes) which I hope will be the last. Gripper testing involves optimizing the dimensional aspects of the gripper and rubber composition to ensure peak retention and air seal against the skin, while also trying to maintain a suitable level of comfort.

August 14, 2023. We ran gripper revision 3 and will start testing when cured.

August 17, 2023. Gripper B rev 2-3 in testing and being evaluated. The B size is proving to be a challenge to get the grip and comfort levels optimized.

August 20~27 ADI is closed

Sept 1, 2023. Back to CAD design, revising gripper mold cores to increase comfort level

Sept 16, 2023 Finishing work on Gripper B revisions.  The shop is producing and building inventory on Model B inner cores so devices can be assembled when the grippers are completed. We commenced design work on the E and F models, these will be designed and tooled simultaneously.

Sept 18, 2023. Gripper B test molded. Commence design work on Airforce Model A

Sept 21, 2023. Gripper B test successful. Gripper B production now in shop. Making corrections to Inner core C due to production issues.

Sept 24, 2023 Model B to be released by 10/4/23

Oct 2, 2023.  Produced 35 B model grippers. All parts now ready to do final assembly and take orders.

Oct 3, 2023. First Model B’s assembled and ready for shipping for previous exchange customers.

First Model B units ready for shipping

Oct 4, 2023 : Model B available for sale on the website.

Oct 25, 2023 Working on CAD drawings/models for Size E

Dec 12, 2023. Continuing design work on the Model E inner cone. Design work was stopped due to computer repair/rebuild of our CAD desktop.

01/14/24 Model E inner cone successfully produced. Scaling that component for production. Start design work on Model E Gripper.

01/21/24 Model E Gripper molds designed and prototyping in progress.

01/25/24 We were in New Hampshire advocating for new laws to protect children’s bodily autonomy

01/31/24 Designed and produced new molds for Model D to incorporate design improvements to speed production

02/04/24 Started injection molding for Model E inner cores

03/15/24 CAD Designed and produced mold for Model E gripper

03/18/24 Tested Model E gripper prototype

03/25/24 CAD Designed and produced 2nd revision of Model E gripper mold

03/29/24 Injection molded second revision of Model E Gripper

04/10/24 Producing final Mod E gripper molds

04/17/24 Model E gripper production molds complete. Anticipated release date Model E 4/19/24

04/19/24 Released Model E

05/10/24 Designed and produced Jumbo weight molds for new product release

05/21/24 CAD redesigning Model D molds for forthcoming updates.

05/30/24 Jumbo overmolded weights into production

06/10/24 Released Jumbo 17oz weights for sale