Great product! Yes, it is expensive and I really hesitated to pay so much for a restoration device, but after watching the Airforce video, I decided to give it a try.
I can say after using many devices it is very well made, easy to use, and very comfortable to wear. It gripes your foreskin extremely well with little to no slipping, even when inflated at moderate to high tension when you want to be more aggressive. Having said that, it is easy to overdo it with this device. So, my advice would be to take it easy at first to find the tension that works best for you.
When I first put it on, I was concerned that it would be very noticeable under clothing. To my surprise, however, it has not been a problem because it hangs straight down due to its weight, being made from stainless steel. The inner and outer grip is made from soft and pliable silicone.
As advertised, I have experienced zero air loss. Ever!
The turnaround time on filling orders is fantastic. I ordered it on a Friday and received it three days later. On many other devices, I have waited for weeks and for months on one device.
I would definitely recommend it and can say it is the best foreskin restoration device I have used.