I watched the launch video on December 7th, 2022, and decided I would order it as soon as it was available. I have been using it for two months now and I am more impressed with it now than when I received it. I have made more progress in the last two months with this device than I have with all the other devices I have used.
I have read other posts saying it is uncomfortable to wear and is too expensive. To those I will say, it is important to read the instructions before using. I will stress, don’t be too aggressive at first by over-inflating. It is also very important to follow the instructions about the relief channel which says “Do not allow the skin to travel beyond the relief channel to prevent pinching”. I made this mistake at first and paying attention to how much skin was in the relief channel has made all the difference. I can now wear it for hours without ANY discomfort.
As for being too expensive, in my first review, I said I hesitated to pay so much for a restoration device. I will now say it is 100% worth every penny. If you want to see real results in the shortest amount of time, THIS IS THE DEVICE FOR YOU!
I have recently started using a ball stretcher a few hours a day. I would highly recommend it to receive even faster results.
If you ever have any questions or concerns the customer service Anthony provides is second to none. Feel free to reach out to him before or after purchasing, he will help to get the maximum result with your AIRFORCE device.