I read a good deal about this device on the foreskin restoration subreddit, and there seemed to be a good deal of mixed reviews.

Due to this being my first device, I didn’t know what exactly to expect. Many reviews on Reddit stated that the gripper was ridiculously tight and that it hurts the skin until it breaks in after while, but they did state that there were NO blowouts, and that it grips really well.
After a bit, one tends to feel fatigue; that is when I remove the device, do a manual tug, rest for about 45 minutes, tug again, and re-equip the device…it is a great schedule thus far.

Some also stated that it is bulky and will not fit too comfortably in pants indicating that you need loose undergarments and baggy jeans to make it work; I wear slimmer jeans and undergarments that are not loose, but not tight, and I can confirm that I can wear the device somewhat comfortably in clothing. I haven’t gone through a full workday wearing the device yet, but as soon as I really get used to constantly wearing the device, I am certain that I will.

The gripper is tight, but it is extremely comfortable in my opinion. I don’t know if people were putting their skin too far into the gripper (as it’s indicated to not do), or if they are lacking skin/not used to devices that actually hold a good grip.
I have the DTR, and have been using it for years; the bottle neck grippers were decent, but they wear out over time, and their grip was far more uncomfortable for me.
I love the DTR, but it does not compare to how great this thing is. The quality of the device, and the aspect of not having to use screws, rubber bands, or deal with a rod is a huge plus for me.
So many times while I would wear jeans with the DTR, I had to really put an effort as to where the rod was going during my positions, and sometimes it just felt uncomfortable.

Again, I haven’t worn this long term in my jeans/during the workday yet, but I’m sure that it will be far better, more versatile, comfortable, and get me huge gains/positive results.
Not only that, I got the Torpedo weight system with it, and I can tug the skin with weights AND through inflation……there will be some huge gains, and I am so excited.

It is a bit pricey for the device…especially whenever you knock it all out at once like I did and just get the weights with it so you can maximize your tugging, but I can already say that it is well worth it for the peace of mind knowing that you’re probably getting the best tug possible, and that the device is so solid, and built to last.

Thank you, Anthony, and thank you, ADI.