I will first start out and say this device is well worth the money. The weight and quality of grippers certainly let you know it was designed well and wasn’t cheaply made.

To start out this is my first air device… This device is very comfortable and shows progress pretty fast. Using the manual stretching and a retainer helped a bit, but using this with a retainer has helped a lot. The retainer goes on very easy and stays throughout the night. So I will say this device works well.

Now a piece of advice I would give us make sure you read the instructions. I know when you put this on you will want to blow it up as hard as you can, DON’T! I found out a couple puffs of air and wait. Then add a couple more puffs after your skin gets used to it. My first day I only used 4 puffs and wore it for 7 hours straight while going about my normal day. Second day put it on, felt a little weird. I putt two puffs of air in and pulled on the device to allow the skin to slide a bit in the grippers added four more puffs and it felt good for eight hours. I find today I am still and 6 puffs and comfortable.

Don’t let others tell you it is uncomfortable or not worth the money. This device is worth every penny! Thanks Anthony for taking the time to build such an awesome device. ADI will always get my business.