A dramatically more powerful way to restore your foreskin. Faster results, simple to use, more comfortable.

Say hello to your new foreskin

A restoration device that was conceptualized, designed and built without compromise. A product of hundreds of hours of engineering design and testing to create the perfect restoration experience.  Our mission is to help you regain a neo-foreskin in the most effective manner possible. It’s for guys that are ready to step up and reach their goals. If you have tried foreskin restoration and consider yourself a slow-responder or non-responder, then Airforce may be the only thing that will get you to the finish line.

By creating a fold of skin and trapping low pressure air inside (direct air inflation), Airforce allows for 3D expansion of the penile shaft skin. This also depresses the glans rearwards to stretch the inner skin. Then we attach a weight to Airforce to add additional outer skin longitudinal stretching.  This means Airforce delivers tri-directional stretching capability (radially + inner skin + outerskin).  The radial skin expansion will help your growing neo-foreskin roll over the glans for faster results.

If you are CI-2 to 3, or if you can roll your existing shaft skin over the glans with light to moderate force (while flaccid), then Airforce should work for you.

Airforce is easy to apply, reliable, comfortable to wear, and will give you fast restoration results.

The Airforce Foreskin Restoration Device has these patent pending features:

  • Food grade silicone rubber inner cone with serrated grooves on the surface to comfortably grip your skin.
  • Food grade silicone rubber outer gripper with serrated grooves which grip skin to prevent slippage and air leaks.
  • Silicone cone and gripper conform to the head of your penis.
  • Gripper tension rings built into the outer gripper to prevent air leaks from gripper lifting and to maintain air pressure.
  • Gripper finger grab tabs to make applying and remove the gripper fast and convenient.
  • Metal parts precision machined from corrosion resistant 316L series stainless steel.
  • Unique design featuring silicone rubber mechanically bonded to a stainless-steel core
  • Integrated precision metal check valve to retain air with no leaks
  • Circulatory relief grooves in the gripper to promote blood circulation and prevent painful ischemia.
  • Oral inflation tube allows skin to be inflated with just your breath, without requiring use of pumps, squeeze bulbs, or bellows. Conveniently tuck tubing under waistband for easy access.
  • Reversed direction air input for easy access to breathe air into the device, and inflation tube can be retained under waistband.
  • Split ring weight attachment point for attaching weights
  • 316L medical grade electro-polished stainless-steel and silicone rubber construction.
  • Components ultrasonically cleaned and sanitized
  • Designed in a CAD/CAM environment
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Cleaning kit and valve lubricant included.
  • One year warranty against defects. ADI will repair or replace at our option
  • Instructions for use – follow link
  • Airforce Product Update Blog


foreskin restoration device animation

Tapeless design suitable for men CI-2/3 and greater

U.S. Patent Pending and Trademark Applied For

To select proper size measure flaccid glans width

measure flaccid glans width foreskin restoration

Airforce Sizing Table

Model Glans Flaccid Width Inches (Range) Glans Flaccid Width MM (Range)
A 0.95″  >>  1.1″  (24mm >> 28mm)
B 1.1″     >>  1.3″ (28mm >> 33mm)
C 1.3″ >>  1.5″ (33mm >> 38mm)
D 1.5″>>  1.625″ (38mm >> 41mm)
E 1.625″   >>  1.75″ (41mm >> 44.5mm)
F 1.75″      >>  1.95″ (44.5mm >> 50mm)