Adhesi-Med Silicone Adhesive and Remover MINI Kit


One Ounce Adhesi-Med Silicone Adhesive and Citri-Med Remover MINI Kit



Our Adhesi-Med (TM) skin-safe instant silicone adhesive and Citri-Med (TM) Citrus Tape & Adhesive Remover in one great package – for your package :).

Tired of your favorite foreskin restoration device slipping off your penis? Do you have embarrassing or uncomfortable equipment malfunctions with your device falling down your pant leg onto the floor? Then you need Adhesi-Med to attach your foreskin restoration device and keep it from sliping off because typically just a gripper or cone just can’t keep your skin in place.

How It Works

Adhesi-Med becomes tacky upon contact with air, forming an instant and long lasting bond to skin. Adhesi-Med is made from scientifically advanced medical grade silicone polymer adhesive, and safe for use on skin. Contact silicone adhesives have wide use in hospitals by doctors and medical staff. We have adapted this medical technology for foreskin restoration.

Adhesi-Med forms a very tacky coating on any surface it’s applied to. In under two minutes after application, the adhesive is ready to apply to skin. Adhesi-Med forms a strong water and sweat resistant bond to your skin.  While the bond is strong, it’s still removable by gently peeling the skin off the device. The included Citri-Med remover eliminates any discomfort during removal and wipes away adhesive from skin and devices.

Device Uses

Adhesi-Med works with our Supercanister tuggers to eliminate the inner piece of tape. Simply apply a light coating on the end, allow to set, and roll skin up onto device. Secure with outer wrap of tape.

Adhesi-Med can also be used with bi-directional tuggers such as the DTR, TLC Tugger, Tugboat, CAT-X, and retaining cones. Adhesi-Med can be used on almost any device to keep them secure and from slipping off.


Men who keep their foreskins retained have faster restoration rates than non-retaining men. Adhesi-Med offers an optional use in retaining your foreskin with a natural look, without a retainer.

To use Adhesi-Med, simply brush a small amount to the corona- glans area, and wait 120 seconds for adhesive to become tacky. Then simply roll skin over glans. The skin will remain covering the glans all day. The skin is easily pulled back in the event you no longer wish to retain. For greater holding power apply Adhesi-Med to both the shaft skin and glans.

Retaining your growing foreskin over the glans helps the skin to grow in the proper direction, assisting in producing a tight restored foreskin. Also, by maintaining light tension on the foreskin, it keeps skin cells stimulated for continued growth.

People with very sensitive skin may find Adhesi-Med irritating if adhesive comes in contact with glans/musosal tissue. We recommend that those people not apply adhesive directly to the glans. Instead, apply adhesive to device or shaft skin, allow to dry, then attach, or roll skin over glans if retaining. Once adhesive fully dries it is pure silicone and should not cause irritation. We recommend first time users test a small area first before applying to glans. Adhesi-Med should not be irritating on external skin areas, however skin sensitivities can vary by individual and ADI is not responsible for skin incompatibility.


Common Questions About Using Adhesi-Med

How long does Adhesi-Med last?

It depends on several factors. If you apply it to a device and never remove the device, it would last a very long time. Adhesi-Med resists water, sweat, and body oils. It could last as long as several days.

If you remove the device and reattach it without reapplying fresh adhesive, you can get about 3-6 uses out of one application. With each reattachment the adhesive will lose some bond strength.

Another factor is the amount of weight or tension. Obviously with more weight (>15 oz) will need good adhesive strength to prevent slippage. Adhesi-Med is up to the job!

Let’s say you were to use it on a DTR. If you apply the adhesive to the inner bell, you should be able to get 3 – 6 attachments on-off before you need to reapply more adhesive.

Keep in mind you only need a little bit of adhesive for most applications. When applying on a device, withdraw the brush from the bottle and wipe off most of the adhesive into the bottle. Just apply a very light amount around the device. Don’t over apply adhesive to avoid a excessive transfer to skin and a sticky mess.



Adhesi-Med is a brush-on application. Brush-on applicator included. Keep bottle closed when not in use.

1 OZ (30ML) SIZE Adhesi-Med Bottle and 4 Ounce (120ml) SIZE Citri-Med Remover

Hundreds of applications per 1 ounce (30ml) bottle, it costs only pennies per day to use.

Contains silicon polymer.

Once you try Adhesi-Med , you will say “It’s Truly A Miracle”

Adhesi-Med and Citri-Med are (TM) trademarks of Advanced Devices Inc.

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