SuperCanister Novice Foreskin Restoration Kit


With this Novice Foreskin Restoration Kit, you get everything you need to to get started restoring your foreskin. We put it all together for you in one kit for a special price. Professionally designed and produced equipment means you can focus on restoring, and not waste your time with inferior items or reinventing the wheel. Our time proven design means you won’t have embarrassing “equipment malfunctions.” The last thing you want is to have a tugging device slip off and fall on the floor drawing unwanted attention.

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Complete Foreskin Restoration Novice Starter Kit for Beginners

The complete starter kit for new restorers. This kit comes complete with everything you will need to start your foreskin restoration. And just because this is a beginner’s kit, that doesn’t mean you will get beginners results. It is easy to apply, comfortable, and a practical setup, but with the results that would make even experienced restorers envious.

The centerpiece of the kit is our Novice Supercanister tugger. It won’t slip off. No embarrassing situations. You can also stand at a urinal and pee and no-one will know. And most important, it’s comfortable to wear all day long.

Kit Includes:

  • Novice Supercanister Device. (Available in 5 sizes! -See the sizing information below.)
  • Torpedo Tugging weight (17 ounce -482g) set. The weight set consists of 3 durable plastic wrapped skinny iron weights 3/4″ diameter, with a length of stainless ball chain, and mini attachments. The chain is extra durable 18-8 Stainless steel.
  • 1-ounce Adhesi-Med (TM) adhesive, which holds the inner skin to the Supercanister. You can also use it to retain skin over the glans when not tugging.
  • 4-ounce Citri-Med(TM) Tape and Adhesive remover, to easily & painlessly release the tape when you remove the device.
  • 2″ wide restoration tape, which is strong, flexible, and breathable. It is used as an outer wrap to hold your outer skin to the Supercanister..
  • Absorbent disposable cotton plugs to prevent drips after urination from staining clothing.

Special bundled price.

Supercanister Novice instructions can be viewed here.

Get serious about your restoration. Get the Complete Foreskin Restoration Starter Kit.

Novice Device Sizing

The Supercanister Novice is now available in 8 sizes. Select the proper size for best fitting and function. To determine your size, measure the width of your FLACCID glans (head) as pictured below.

measure flaccid glans width foreskin restoration

Select the appropriate Supercanister number based on your flaccid (soft) glans width. The below chart has been prepared, based on your measured width, to select the right size for you.

Flaccid Glans (Head) Width Supercanister Number
15/16″    (25mm) 26
1-3/32″ (27mm) 28
1-3/16″ (30mm) 30
1-5/16″ (33mm) 33
1-3/8″  (36mm) 36
1 -1/2″  (38mm) 38
1-9/16″ (40mm) 40
1-5/8″  (42mm) 42

The Size 33 Supercanister will be suitable for most men.  However some guys may need a smaller or larger selection. If you measure properly, and use our table above, your glans (head) should NOT fit entirely inside the canister. It should only fit about 7/8ths of the way in. If your glans fits entirely inside the Supercanister is too big. Don’t oversize the canister! If the glans goes entirely inside the canister it will be difficult to roll the skin over the outside for taping.

Measure your width and reference above table. Please use our sizing table above to select the right size.

If you have the wrong size please contact us for an exchange.

foreskin restoration device fitting

Proper fit on Novice Supercanister. Notice that the glans is not supposed to fit entirely inside the device.

foreskin restoration device attach apply skin rollover

Rolling the shaft skin over the Novice Supercanister so the underside of the skin sticks to the applied adhesive prior to outer tape wrap.

If the weights are swinging in your pant leg and that’s an issue, we suggest you wear some inexpensive gym tights (not included) to contain the weights.

student foreskin restoration

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