SuperCanister Novice Foreskin Restoration Tugger


Restore your foreskin with the Super Canister Novice Model Tugger. Designed for Beginners! This model is designed for restorers starting with CI-0 to CI-2 coverage ( little or no slack skin). It comes in three sizes to fit you perfectly: Medium/Large, XL, or 2XL glans width. For men just starting out with restoration, this device is ideal to get some initial slack skin progress. See Link to Coverage Index Chart

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The Supercanister Design Features:

  1. Magnetic safety coupling: Specially designed magnet releases in case of shock load, but holds tight under normal tugging weight. The coupling provides 360 degree rotation, which allows the leg strap to come to rest without twisting, and still tugs from the centerline. It also provides a convenient detachment point.
  2. Easy urination : All ADI devices provide capability for urination. Wearer can urinate unencumbered while wearing the device, no spraying, or leaks. And you will never worry about dropping the device on the bathroom floor!
  3. Food-grade High Strength Polymer Material. Our food-grade polymer material is safe for skin contact, easily cleaned, and resists tape adhesive buildup.
  4. Swiveling stainless steel bail : Allows easy positioning without twisting. All metal parts are fabricated from stainless steel.
  5. Sturdy construction: Rugged design will last for years of tugging, being made from advanced polymer and stainless steel components.
  6. Tape retaining ridge: Small ridge on edge of canister keeps tape from sliding off.


The Benefits of Canister Style Tugging:

  1. Comfort: All day long comfort, apply device in morning and forget about it until night-time. No pinching, no pain.
  2. Peace of Mind: Never comes off until you want to take it off, avoids embarrassing situations.
  3. Accuracy: Precise & repeatable placement of skin on device, consistent tugging.
  4. Convenience: No need to remove & reapply the device to urinate. Important if you are going to wear it all day long.

Novice restorers use the Supercanister because initially novices do not have enough slack skin for tapeless devices to work. The large opening allows the glans to partially recess inside the device. This places the device closer to the skin for attachment.

What’s Inside The Box:

Your Supercanister comes with some restoration tape for the first application along with disposable cotton sanitary plugs.

Novice Device Sizing

This model is available in 3 sizes. To check your size, wrap a strip of paper around your glans (head) in the flaccid state. Mark the paper where it overlaps for one complete wrap, and measure the length.

Head/Glans Circumference Supercanister Size
Less than 4.375″ (111mm) Medium/Large
4.375″ to 5.00″ (111mm – 127mm) XL
over 5.00″ (127mm) 2XL

Keep in mind the head (glans) shouldn’t fit entirely inside the canister. Don’t oversize the canister.

foreskin restoration device sizes


*** We highly recommend that you use Adhesi-Med with this device. Adhesi-Med holds the inner skin and it assists in placement of device. Without adhesive the device will slip. You can use 1″ tape in instead of the adhesive by wrapping it around the device in reverse sticky side out. See instructions. 

Supercanister Instructions can be viewed here.

Additional 2″ restoration tape is available in our store.




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