The amount of time it takes to regrow your foreskin varies by individual. Some of the factors that will impact your restoration include;

  • How tight were you circumcised? Guys that have had a lot of skin removed will take more time to restore.
  • How big is your penis? A larger penis will need more skin to regrow, especially when erect.
  • How diligent is the restorer to staying on a restoration schedule?
  • How much foreskin does a guy want? Does he just want more sliding skin, flaccid coverage, or full erect coverage?
  • A person’s genetics and age, some people grow skin faster than others. Youth helps.
  • With these factors in mind, the typical person will gain significant an amount of sliding skin in the first year. Flaccid coverage can take three years, and full erect coverage can take as much as six years. Most guys will start to see significant benefits in the first year of restoration, including more comfortable erections and obtaining loose sliding skin.