Stretch foreskin restoration app

Stretch Foreskin Restoration Users Guide

The “MY DAILY JOURNAL PAGE” contains the featured daily restoration time tracker. It is accessed by tapping the clock icon. You can start or stop the tugging timer by tapping the button. When the timer is running it counts the hh/mm/ss of tugging time.

At the end of each day the daily total updates the monthly total. The page also displays calendar yearly total and total tugging time since account creation.  These totals are viewable when the timer is stopped.

Every hour the app will provide a notification for a timer acknowledgement. You must acknowledge within 15 minutes that you are still tugging by tapping the acknowledgement button, otherwise the timer will stop. These notifications help to ensure your tugging time is accurate and you have not forgotten to turn the timer off after tugging.

If you want to adjust your tugging time for the day, (perhaps you forgot to start the timer) you can adjust the daily time by tapping Edit Hr/Min count. Once the day is over you cannot adjust the daily count.

You can also select “I’m tugging while: ” and select what you are doing. Other members can see this on your public profile.