Stretch your scrotal skin to get more overall skin towards the shaft and enhance your restoration efforts with our heavy-duty silicone ball stretcher. The underside of the penis is some of the tightest skin to overcome during restoration. Foreskin restoration pulls the scrotal skin up. Ball stretching help create more slack skin. Get the boys to hang lower too.

Our silicone ball stretcher is super stretchy to fit all guys!

How To:

We recommend applying some Alpha Armor or skin care lotion to the inside of the silicone stretcher. It will help the skin slide inside and make it more comfortable.

You may want to manually stretch your balls first by wrapping the thumb and forefinger around the base closest to your body. Gently squeeze and stretch your scrotum away from the body.

Place index finger from each hand inside the silicone stretcher and stretch it wide open. Place the lower rim of the stretcher at the perineum and allow your balls to drop in, then pull up so they slide and hang below the stretcher.

We recommend our adjustable ball stretcher weight over the Super Silicone stretcher to lock it in place.

If you are wearing it properly, your balls should be dangling extra low. It feels great.  You can ball stretch and do foreskin restoration at the same time. You will be creating new skin at both ends.