Adapt adhesive restoration spray stops foreskin restoration devices from slipping off. Now packaged with Citri-Med Adhesive Removal spray.

Stop Devices From Embarrassing Slip Offs. Adapt adhesive spray is a very useful product for the restoring man, and it’s now packaged with Citri-Med Adhesive Removal spray.

Use adhesive spray to affix devices to skin. Spray a small amount onto your device. Adhesive becomes tacky upon contact with air, forming an instant and long lasting bond to skin. Roll skin over device to attach. Skin bond is removable, however we recommend spraying a small about of the included Citri-Med removal spray to ease skin/device separation.

Adapt medical adhesive is made from medical grade silicone polymer adhesive, and safe for use on skin. Silicone adhesives have wide use in hospitals by doctors and medical staff. We use this medical technology for foreskin restoration.

Adhesi-Med spray is better tolerated by those with sensitive skin. Also not susceptible to spilling. Contains no ethyl acetate. 

A small amount of adhesive residue will remain after removal, which is easily cleaned off  with Citri-Med (TM) Citrus Removal Spray, which is included. Citri-Med removal spray is made entirely from food grade citrus extracts.

Adapt adhesive works with our Supercanister tugger to eliminate the inner piece of tape. Simply spray a light coating on the end per device instructions, allow to quickly dry, and roll skin up onto device. Secure with outer wrap of tape.

Adhesi-Med can also be used with bi-directional tuggers to keep them secure, such as the DTR, TLCTugger, Tugboat, PUD, Stealth, and many other foreskin restoration devices. Adapt can also be used to keep cones from falling off.


Citri-Med is a Registered (TM) Trademark of Advanced Devices Inc.

ADAPT Medical Adhesive 3.8 oz can